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BPMN Artifact Types Explained

By January 29, 2022March 7th, 2022No Comments
BPMN Artifact Types Explained

In the field of business process modeling BPMN Artifacts are utilized to add more information about the process. There are two kinds of BPMN Artifacts: group and Text annotation. They can be used to manage sub-processes and tasks or to include notes and comments in the description of the process components.


The BPMN modeler from Visual Paradigm lets you create the perfect BPMN diagram using various types of BPMN notations, such as Artifacts. The article below we’ll discuss the different types of BPMN 2.0 Artifacts that you can apply to modeling business processes using BPMN.

What exactly is BPMN?

BPMN, which stands for Business Process Modeling Notation, is a graphic notation used to define the workflows or business procedures. It is widely used for business process mapping (BPM) along with business model modeling to design business process workflows or flowcharts that are easily understood by all people, regardless of backgrounds and skills.


BPMN Group

BPMN Group is a visual container for creating an informal, random groups for elements of a process diagram. It is possible to create a Group to hold elements together due to a commonality.


The image below illustrates an example of how to use BPMN Group. Be aware that Groups can be extended across multiple pools the process components. It is typically necessary in order to indicate that a BPMN Group of Activities are part of the framework of a distributed transaction.


Text Annotation for BPMN

The BPMN Text annotation is essentially notes – notes for processing element or the business process in general. Text Annotation can be used to add Text Annotation to include addition information for flow objects. Since Text Annotation is presented directly on the diagram, viewers are able to easily read the information without having to go into the specifics of the elements.


The following example illustrates the usage of BPMN’s Text annotation. It informs readers that the format for a survey report is defined in the REF-49043B document.